KickassTorrents is online again - download our Free Binary Client

History of KickassTorrents:
The main website we used was trackid=sp-006 but it got banned. KickassTorrents website has been founded back in 2008 and became the biggest torrent side in the world wide web. With a worldwide pagerank of 63 and over 300 million unique visitors per month KickassTorrents is one of the biggest websites worldwide. Netflix for example has a pagerank of 37.
Over the years KickassTorrents has used a lof of different domains like, or KickassTorrents was forced to change the domain names in order to prevent a shutdown. In addition to that there have been a lot of kickass proxy sites to make sure KickassTorrents can not be taken offline. Nevertheless KAT torrent tracker running at trackid=sp-006 was taken offline. Moving into the darknet is the only option left to end the hide and seek game. It is a final solution to keep the biggest bittorrent community alive. We highly recommend to unistall your BitTorrent client, better use the new KickassTorrents binary client for safe free downloads.

History of BitTorrent:
The BitTorrent network launched 2005 and was rapidly growing. In 2009 BitTorrent was responsible for 70% of the internet traffic worldwide. The first and original BitTorrent client has been released by BitTorrent Inc.. Today the most popular bittorrent client ist qTorrent. Due to legal problems for bittorrent user the worldwide traffic caused by bittorrent has dropped to under 5% and keeps falling.
Big torrent sites like the german torrent site or the american torrent tracker fenopy have closed its doors due to legal problems. Using BitTorrent is not illegal at all, but up to 99% of the shared .torrentfiles contain copyright content. Using BitTorrent without a proxy is a high risk, companies are scanning the BitTorrent traffic in order to abuse uploader. With products like Netflix or Amazon Prime as well as other illegal options like streaming online via Hoster like Streamcloud BitTorrent is running out of date. Big parts of the BitTorrent community already moved into the usenet to stay anonym and secure. The big torrent sites left are switching domains every few weeks, the adminstator of the pirate bay got arrested.